Jewellery care

Our jewellery is 18k gold and silver plated stainless steel, it can be worn in water and is tarnish free. However, we do recommend taking off your jewellery when washing up, swimming, showering or having a bath just so the water pressure doesn't speed up the tarnishing process of your jewellery.


To refrain from tarnishing or your jewellery losing its original shine, follow our care guide upon purchase.


  • Keep them dry - whilst our products are water resistant, you can protect them from rusting by putting them aside whilst washing dishes


  • Store them in a jewellery box or bag - at the end of your long hard working day, put your ring or necklace in the box it came with to keep it shining for longer. 


  • Wipe and clean your jewellery - whilst this may sounds like a tedious task, wiping your rings with a microfibre cloth will remove unwanted finger prints and prevent from it collecting dust.


For further questions on jewellery care or your order please email us at or Text us at +447724025904